Registering a Domain Name

What is a domain?

Simply put, a domain name is an address to your website. It is the address a user types into a search bar on a web browser to get to your website. Additionally, every website has an IP address. The domain name is the plain text address for your IP address. If you’ve ever played Xbox or PlayStation online you may be familiar with a number that looks like this:

(This is a sample from the internet)

How to Buy a Domain Name

Unfortunately, creating a website isn’t free. To make one, you’ll have to buy the domain name online, or “register” it. There are usually periods you can do this for, one year, two years, etc. There are dozens of websites where you can purchase domain names and get ready to establish your website. First, you should check out if the domain is available, in other words, if someone else has already bought this domain name. A popular website called is a great way to do this.

Bluehost, a popular web hosting site that also offers domain names

Web Hosting your Domain

If registering a domain name is setting an address, then web hosting allows you to establish your website and make it visible online. Web hosting is where you rent space on the internet to keep your website data. This is the server where the data is stored. Web hosting companies sometimes provide design, support, and security.

Once you have your domain…

Though it might seem obvious, the next step is to build the website! You can use programs like Wordpress, or built-in programs like GoCentral Website Builder on If you’re a software developer or know a little about coding you can even create your websites using your newly registered domain name!



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Aidan McBride

Aidan McBride

I ‘m a Web Developer and a Flatiron coding bootcamp alumni. I currently work in the financial tech industry as a Front End Engineer